Eureka X UCCKE Summer Bridging Programme Aug 2018

27 / 08 / 2018

2018 Eureka X UCCKE Summer Bridging Programme &
Musical Theatre: The Prince of Egypt

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2018 Eureka X UCCKE Summer Bridging Programme has just ended on 24th August! UCCKE's pre-S1 students learnt about their upcoming secondary school life. Over a course of 10 days, they met new friends, learnt about different topics in English, and prepared for a large-scale English musical theatre performance (The Prince of Egypt). Through this, every student was able to gain new knowledge and skills, but most importantly, they had fun.

For the success of the entire course and musical theatre, Eureka must thank all parties for their efforts and cooperation, including United Christian College (Kowloon East), the theatre director, Eureka’s Native English Teachers (NETs) andTeaching Assistant (TAs), and students. Special thanks to Dr Samuel Cheng, Mrs Hilary Lam and Ronald Fung.


Eureka’s Theatre Director, Native English Teachers (NETs) and Teaching Assistant (TAs)

Theatre Director: Ryan Pat-to Yan

Ryan Pat To Yan

Ryan Pat-to Yan is a Theatre Playwright, Director and Educator who graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in English Literature; the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA in Sociology; Royal Holloway, University of London, MA in Playwriting (pass with distinction).

His play ‘A Concise History of Future China’ was selected by the 2016 Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stuckemart, as one of the five theatre works to be presented. It was the first ever ethnic Chinese play to be selected. The staged reading of this play has already performed in Berlin, London, Munich, New York and Taipei. His play in Chinese, ‘White Blaze of the Morning’ was awarded Best Play at the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.

Another work of Yan’s ‘Happily Ever After Nuclear Explosion’ was commissioned by Munich Residenz Theater and premiered in June 2018.

In May 2018, Yan was invited by National Chengchi University (Taiwan) as an artist-in-residence.

He now serves as a part-time Lecturer (English & Script Writing) at The Baptist University, School of Continuing Education; and is the Principal Consultant at Eureka for the Theatre in Education Programme. He is also a committee member of the Hong Kong Literature House.

Check out Ryan's previous production:

Eureka’s Native English Teachers (NETs):

Andrea Chu, Angela Smith, Cherry Strid, Daniel Morris, Daryn Tulloch, Isabelle Manley-Cooper, James Weinberger, John Chiva, Kal Leung, Randy Smith

Eureka Teaching Assistants (TAs):

Ada Wong, Angie Ooi, Heidi Ng, Jamie Ng, Jeremy Wong, Jessica Wong (Head TA), Keith Li, Oscar Tam, Rose Ho, Ryan Chung, Samantha Ng

UCCKE prince of egypt



Musical Theatre: The Prince of Egypt

the prince of egypt


Synopsis 故事概要

The Prince of Egypt is a story about Moses. Born as a Hebrew, he is adopted by the royal Egyptian family and raised as a prince of Egypt. He learns of his true background and flees Egypt to live in exile where he learns to live a life of faith and truth. Obedient to the call of God, Moses returns to Egypt to demand the release of the Hebrews from the Pharaoh.



Scene 01 第一幕

The Hebrews are slaves of the Egyptians. The Hebrews labour day and night to build great Egyptian structures. They sing to God asking for deliverance. 希伯來人成為了埃及人的奴隸,晝夜建造埃及的大型建築。他們呼求神的救贖。

Scene 02 第二幕

The Pharaoh issues a terrifying edict that all Hebrew babies are to be murdered and orders his soldiers to carry out his command. 法老發出一個可怕的法令—「所有希伯來男嬰都要死」,並命令埃及的士兵嚴格執行命令。

Scene 03 第三幕

Moses’ mother, Jochebed, learns of the Pharaoh’s edict and is determined to save her son. She places baby Moses into a basket and lets it float down the river Nile where it is found by the Pharaoh’s daughter. Enchanted with the beautiful baby, Moses is adopted by the princess and saved from death. 摩西的母親Jochebed知道法老的法令後,決心拯救她的兒子。她把嬰孩摩西放在一個籃子裡並讓它隨意漂流在尼羅河上。此時,法老的女兒剛巧經過尼羅河,因不忍嬰孩被殺害而決定收養摩西,把他從死亡邊緣拯救出來。

Scene 04 第四幕             

Young Moses is wreaking havoc in the palace with his brother Ramses. 年輕的摩西與他的王兄Ramses在宮殿裡四處惹是生非。

Scene 05 第五幕             

Moses meets his sister Miriam, a slave, while visiting a construction site. He is confronted by Miriam who tells him of his true identity. Struggling with the truth, young Moses’ reflects upon his identity. He later witnesses an overseer hitting Miriam and accidently kills the overseer in anger. Horrified, Moses’ flees Egypt. 在一次巡視宮殿建設時,摩西遇見了他身為奴隸的親姊姊Miriam。Miriam把摩西的真實身份告知了他。迷茫的摩西在身份認同的掙扎中認清自己。後來,摩西見到Miriam被一個埃及人鞭打,怒氣沖沖的摩西誤殺了那人。於是,心懷恐懼的摩西逃離埃及,展開了流亡之旅。

Scene 06 第六幕             

Moses finds a new life as an exile in Midian. He marries and finds peace at last working as a shepherd. One day, he comes across a burning bush where God speaks to him. God commands Moses to return to Egypt and free his people. 過著平靜新生活的摩西在米甸結了婚,成為了牧羊人。一次放牧時,他驚見一簇燃燒着的荊棘叢,神從荊棘中吩咐他再次回到埃及解救祂的子民。

Scene 07 第七幕             

Moses discusses with his wife, Zipporah, God’s desire for him to return to Egypt and free his people. She supports Moses and accompanies him to Egypt. Arriving in Egypt, Moses is reunited with his brother Ramses and his family. Moses demands the Pharaoh to let his people go! 摩西與他的妻子Zipporah討論上帝對他的呼召。Zipporah支持摩西並陪同他返回埃及。抵達埃及的摩西與他的兄弟Ramses和家人團聚。摩西向法老要求讓神的子民離開埃及。

Scene 08 第八幕             

Moses meets Aaron who is bitter with Moses because all the slaves’ workload has doubled. The Hebrews are angry that their lives have been made worse after the return of Moses. 摩西遇到愁眉不展的亞倫,原來因為摩西提出的要求,所有希伯來奴隸的工作量多了一倍。希伯來人憤恨摩西讓他們的生活變得更差。

Scene 09 第九幕             

Moses brings the plagues to Egypt because of the harden heart of the Pharaoh. 因著法老的心硬,摩西藉著從神而來的力量讓災難降臨埃及。

Scene 10 第十幕             

Moses goes to see the Pharaoh to plead him to free his people. He warns the Pharaoh that if he does not let the Hebrews go, all the first born sons of Egypt will perish. The Pharaoh continues to harden his heart. God instructs Moses to paint the doorway of all Hebrew homes with the blood of a slaughter lamb so that the angel of death will pass. The first sons of all Egyptian households die, and the Pharaoh at last frees the Hebrews. The Hebrews rejoice and celebrate their freedom with a dance and song. 摩西去見法老,要求他釋放希伯來族人。他警告法老如果不讓希伯來人出埃及,所有埃及頭生的都會滅亡。法老繼續心硬。上帝吩咐摩西用羔羊的血液塗抹所有希伯來人的門上作為記號,使希伯來族人的頭生免於死亡。最後,所有埃及頭生的都死了,法老才肯釋放希伯來人。希伯來人以舞蹈和歌曲慶祝族人重獲自由。


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