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TEFL/TESOL Certificate Courses

Eureka Language Services is now in collaboration with Global English TESOL, an accredited provider of TESOL courses. All applicants are offered an additional 10% discount on any existing offer to the course fees by entering 'Eur5' in the field 'Where did you hear about Global English?' on the enrolment form!

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Thousands of teachers around the world have found this an invaluable certificate-level qualification. A TESOL Certificate will enable you to teach English to speakers of other languages in Hong Kong and abroad since the qualification is accepted worldwide. In Hong Kong, the TESOL qualification is in great demand that it is becoming a prerequisite for teaching English. Schools and language centres here are urgently looking for native and non-native speakers for quality teaching and learning.

120 hour Level 3 TEFL Premier eureka global english
Accredited Global English TESOL / Eureka 120-hour TEFL Premier course
Since a 120-hour qualification is usually the minimum requirement for TEFL jobs, with this course you can launch your teaching career with confidence. Ideal if you are looking to work in Asia. Ideal if:  you’re new to...continue reading

If you’re looking for a more advanced qualification with a greater number of hours, then consider the 150-hour or 250-hour courses and receive the same 10% discount with the code 'Eur5' at checkout.

150 hour LEVEL 4 TESOL online eureka global english

An in-depth accredited TESOL training course for career minded people. This is a perfect entry level course for more competitive TEFL destinations, such as Europe. Ideal if: you're new to EFL and want a thorough grounding in TESOL/TEFL... continue reading

250 hour LEVEL 5 Advanced TESOL eureka global english

Global English's most advanced TESOL course and quickly becoming its most popular. Ideal if you want a prestigious qualification and better worldwide job opportunities. One of the most advanced entry-level TESOL courses possible online. Ideal if: You wish to... continue reading



Add any Global English TESOL 30-hour specialist course and receive a further 10% discount automatically at checkout.

TESOL specialist courses eureka global english

Global English also offers a range of additional specialist courses which include: Business English, Teaching One-to-One, Teaching Young Learners, and English Grammar.  Add these courses to your TEFL or TESOL qualification to improve your teaching skills and prospects. These courses will help distinguish you from the rest of the TEFL/TESOL community.

20 hour volunteer teaching practice eureka global english

We also highly recommend their 20-hour TEFL Teaching Practice as an additional add-on, since many schools and language centres now prefer candidates with in-class teaching experience. This course also gives you a glimpse of what it is like to teach in a classroom environment which you would not normally get by just doing an online course.

Important! Enter 10% off discount code 'Eur5' in the field 'Where did you hear about Global English?' on the enrollment form (can be used with any other discounts).

The above courses are provided by Global English, an accredited member of UK's ACTDEC (Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses). More information about ACTDEC can be found on their official website: