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Unit 1 Self-Introduction Activity 6: Writing and Presenting a Self-Introduction (p.15)
Unit 2 Primary School Life Activity 5: Achievements and Awards (p.23)
    Activity 6: Writing and Presenting an Introduction on My School Life (p.25)
Unit 3 My Goals in Secondary School Activity 6: Describing My Goals in Secondary School (p,33)
Unit 4 Future Jobs Activity 1: Like and Dislikes (p.35)
    Activity 4: Why do you want to be a...? (p.38-39)
Unit 5 Read Aloud Passages Activity 3: Indentifying the Mood of a Text (p.48)
Unit 6 Picture Description and Storytelling

Activity 4: Storytelling Worksheet

    1) The Hare and the Tortoise (p,57)
    2) Monkeys in the Picnic (p.57)
Unit 7 Social Issues Activity 4: Giving Opinions (p.62)
Unit 8 Group Interview Skills Activity 1 :Agreeing with an Opinion (p.66)
    Activity 2: Disagreeing with an Opinion (p.67)
    Activity 3: The Flow of a Group Discussion (p.68)
    Activity 4: Group Discussion Practice (p.69)
Unit 9 Hypothetical Questions Activity 2: What if...? (p.73)
Unit 10 Mock Interview Activity 2: Mock Interview (Individual)
    1) Read Aloud passage 1 - Steve Jobs (p.79)
    2) Read Aloud passage 2 - A Bird Came Down The Walk (p.80)
    3) Read Aloud passage 3 - Two Happy Snowmen (p.81)
    4) Read Aloud passage 4 - Favourite Festival (p.81)
    5) Read Aloud passage 5 - Barbara McClintock (p.82)
    Activity 3: Mock Interview (Group)
    1) Group Discussion 1: Living in Shanties (p.83)
    2) Group Discussion 2: Social Networking Sites (p.83)
    3) Group Discussion 3: Watching TV and Playing Computer Games (p.84)
    4) Group Discussion 4: Violence on TV (p.84)