About Eureka

Starting from humble beginnings out of a small Kowloon office in 2001, Eureka Language Services was established by two teachers with a unique vision for English language education in Hong Kong.

Combining hard work and perseverance, Eureka deployed their first NET to a school in Yau Ma Tei in November 2001 and has never looked back.  Eureka now has 200 teaching professionals serving over 400 schools and organisations.  Eureka’s management and professionals come from all over the English speaking world.

Eureka monitors closely educational policies affecting language education in Hong Kong including the bilingual policies introduced after 1997, and the fine-tuning of the medium of instruction in 2010. Eureka regularly assists schools to deliver government programme initiatives such as Learning Across Curriculum (LAC) and Primary Literacy Programmes (PLP).

The word Eureka is used to express an epiphany, or a sudden intellectual breakthrough allowing a person to see a problem or situation from a new and different perspective. Eureka’s vision is that our students experience the same exhilaration of breakthrough and discovery through our programmes.