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The recent increase of Special Educational Needs (SEN) students has raised the public’s concern with integrating them into mainstream schools. Ages 0-6 is the golden period for SEN children to receive suitable therapy, early assistance, counselling and training. These methods can help improve their abilities, and at the same time, largely increase their chance of admission to mainstream schools. Additionally, emotional and behavioural issues of SEN children often bring major pressures and challenges to parents and teachers. As a result, the public address of Hong Kong Government has decided to allocate 4.6 billion of funds in treating young SEN children.

In view of this, Eureka have cordially invited The Academy of Play and Psychotherapy to join our school counselling courses. Individual and group trainings will be organised by our counselling psychologists, in which featured activities, including play therapy, social and emotional training, and concentration training will be a focus.


Featured Programmes

Play Therapy Service

Aim: Play therapy effectively helps young children who are struggling with emotional and behavioural issues. Children learn to cope with uneasy emotions which cause negative behaviours and work to build up their confidence and a positive concept of themselves.


  • Assist young children to cope with internal struggles and to express their needs, feelings, opinions, and experiences
  • Create an environment to change and build up a safe and trustworthy relationship through sincere acceptance, understanding, respect, and encourage them to make their own decisions
  • Value the cooperation between parents and schools. Our counselling psychologists regularly communicate and provide guidance to teachers and parents, which in turn strengthen the effects of therapy

Instructors: Counselling psychologists (which have studied courses of play therapy and have the experience of counselling young children)


Play Therapy Service APPHK eureka

Kimochis¬ģ Social and Emotional Learning Group ¬† ¬†

Aim: Help increase young children‚Äôs social and emotional abilities, utilising learning materials of Kimochis¬ģ, an educational strategy that focuses on children‚Äôs emotional intelligence education, created by American education team led by expert Ellen P. Dodge.


  • Help young children to understand the differences among people and learn how to respect others with the help of five character puppets with distinctive characters and personalities
  • Learn different emotions, understand facial expressions, and body languages, and learn ways to express and manage their own emotions
  • Learn various communicative skills so as to cope with different social scenarios
  • Build relationships with others

Instructors: Registered social workers/ counselling psychologists (with professional qualification of Kimochis¬ģ)

Kimochis group APPHK eureka

Concentration Training Groups    

Aim: Help improve young children’s concentration through various activities and games.


  • Utilise the concept of neuro-plasticity which helps improve concentration through an organised system of repeated exercises
  • Improve concentration and memory through various activities such as interesting games, music and drawing activities
  • Strengthen concentration and good behaviours using skills from behavioural therapy

Instructors: Registered social worker/ counselling psychologists (with experience of counselling young children)

Concentration Training APPHK eureka

Positivity Group    

Aim: Build a positive mind-set for young children and strengthen their positive emotions.


  • Based on the theory of positive psychology, promote positivity through the course
  • Help build up a positive mind-set for young children utilising interesting similes, stories and puppets
  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of children
  • Provide different ‚ÄėHappy Tips‚Äô, and teach children ways of being happy

Instructors: Registered social worker/ counselling psychologists (with experience of counselling young children)

   Positivity Group APPHK eureka

English Music Games Group for Young Children    

Aim: Strengthen young children’s phonetic ability through different music and songs activities


  • Focus on songs and games so as to provide a delightful environment for children to learn English
  • Strengthen English pronunciation, phonetics and spelling skills through a series of music activities
  • Help improve vocabulary, sentences, and communicative skills through singing

Instructors: Registered social worker/ counselling psychologists/native English-speaking teachers (with experience of counselling/teaching young children)

   English Music Games Group eureka APPHK

Talks for Staff and Parents/Workshops    
  • So Much Fun: Parents and Children Play Therapy
  • Emotional Storm: Emotion Management of Young Children
  • Understand the Needs During the Development of Young Children
  • Building a Good Relationship: Positive Parent Education
  • Creating a Positive Education Environment
  • Strengthen Self-Image of Young Children
  • Help Young Children to Create a Delightful Life
  • Improve Learning Motivation of Young Children
  • How to Assist SEN Children
  • How to Cope with the Mental Challenge of Starting Primary Schools with Young Children

Lecturer: Registered social worker/ counselling psychologists (with experience of counselling young children and providing parents training)

   Talks for Staff and Parents/Workshops eureka APPHK

We also provide individual and group counselling for parents.
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