Our Services

We provide language solutions and training programmes to business corporations and non-profit organisations.


In-house Language Training

Business opportunities are borderless in the age of globalisation. Overcome the language barriers and bring the world within your reach.

Eureka provides training programmes ranging from language skill courses to workshops in global market cultures. Syllabuses can be devised to meet specific needs. Courses are taught by professional instructors at corporate premises most convenient to participating staff.

Eureka’s corporate programmes include:
• Business English For Executives
• Business Writing
• Hotel English
• English Pronunciation
• Business Presentation
• Workplace Mandarin


Translation & Transcription

We offer translation and transcription services to help corporations achieve seamless global operations. Eureka’s translators specialise in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. All translators have working qualifications and expertise in the source and the target languages, ensuring a high level of accuracy, efficiency and context relevance in all their work.


Proofreading & Editing

We extend our language professionalism to our proofreading and editing services. Eureka’s language experts are always ready to help business corporations and non-profit organisations
with documents of diverse formats.

Our proofreading and editing services cover:
• punctuation and spelling
• grammar and word choice
• discourse and formality
• organisation and presentation


Telephone and E-mail Language Solutions

Our language professionals offer immediate solutions over the phone or via e-mail. We also provide 24-hour English tutorials to allow maximum flexibility. Monthly plans or on-demand schemes are available.


Our Trainers

Our trainers are business professionals, lawyers, or teachers with degrees from universities such as Cambridge, Harvard, Toronto and Fordham. Our trainers are committed to bridging language and cultural gaps and helping participants to realize their full professional potential.


Our Clients

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