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Eureka's Teacher Training

Eureka’s training philosophy is designed to prepare highly motivated individuals with the skills and sensitivity to become effective teachers in the context of Hong Kong schools. The training identifies a set of interrelated abilities that are necessary for teachers who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong.

Eureka's Teacher Training consists of a mandatory induction session for all new cohorts of Eureka instructors as well as a series of free training workshops held at different times of the year. Our free training workshops are not just for Eureka teachers—they are open to all Native English Teachers (NET) based in Hong Kong. All these activities provide teachers with basic skills and techniques necessary to have a successful first day of school and support their continued growth throughout the year. Eureka believes that good classroom management skills and knowledge of Hong Kong's educational landscape are of great importance to new teachers' success in their roles as NETs. Thus, Eureka's training mainly focuses on these two aspects, complemented by other useful topics that revolve around effective lesson planning and adapting lessons for diverse learners.

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These workshops are open to all Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs) in Hong Kong, regardless of whether you are a Eureka teacher or not. Workshop registration is arranged on a first-come-first-served basis. Priority will be given to Eureka's teachers.   


Read the comments below to find out what our participants have said about our trainers and previous training sessions:

'[The workshop was] extremely helpful, gained knowledge and filled gaps in things I didn't know' - Martha O.

'Excellent! Structured well and the sharing of ideas was super useful to my teaching' - Qing W. 

'Very approachable and knowledgeable.' - Thomas C.

'Good speakers that made content relevant and engaging.' - Sophie S.

'There was lots of interactive practice.' - Peter J.


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About the Trainer

VeronicaVeronica Schleihauf, our teacher trainer, is responsible not only for the training and development of Eureka teachers, but also the provision of emotional and social support to teachers. A graduate of McGill University (Canada), Veronica holds a Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and World Religion and has training in Drama and teaching methodology. Since 2016, Veronica has worked extensively with kindergartens, primary and secondary schools of Hong Kong, earning her commendation for her excellence in teaching and her passion for the children she interacts with. To extend this passion and her knowledge, Veronica has taken up this role so that she may share her passion with other teachers and enhance their skill set for teaching in Hong Kong schools.