NET Training

Eureka’s training philosophy is designed to prepare highly motivated individuals with the skills and sensitivity to become effective teachers in Hong Kong schools.  The training identifies a set of interrelated abilities necessary for teachers unfamiliar with Hong Kong.  Eureka has an assumption that the needs of Hong Kong students are unique and specific, and that a certain instructional approach is needed to maximize learning time in the classroom. 

Central to Eureka’s training is the mandatory induction programme provided for all new cohorts of instructors.  The purpose of the induction is to provide new teachers with the skills and techniques necessary to have a successful first day at school.  Eureka believes two things are necessary for new teachers to succeed in their roles as NETs in Hong Kong schools.  The first is knowledge and familiarity with the educational landscape of Hong Kong.  Teaching and learning occur in a context, and familiarity with students, the specific pressures of Hong Kong students and teachers will help NETs to situate themselves in this context and to understand their roles in Hong Kong schools.

The second thing that Eureka training focuses on is classroom management.  It is a central principle of Eureka that learning does not occur in a classroom that is not well managed.  During the induction, new teachers learn about the importance of setting a good tone and culture in the classroom.  Through practical exercises, our instructors learn how to establish authority, and a culture of learning in every classroom.

Throughout the academic year, a manager and trainer will be assigned to the instructors.  Through observation, feedback, and communication Eureka monitors and facilitates the growth of teachers and provides professional development training as needed throughout the year.