Overview of Secondary School Services

We offer a range of programmes for secondary school with the aim to help maximise the students’ prior knowledge and enabling them to become more fluent and confident in using English.

The courses will help engage the students using exciting and up-to-date tools to open up their minds to the exciting opportunities that the English-speaking world brings, which would prepare them for the next stages of their lives. 

Secondary School Courses include:
 English Speaking
 English Debate
 Summer Bridging
 Public Speaking
 English Phonetics
 Creative Writing
 Reading and Writing
 Preparation for Examinations: TSA
 Preparation for Examinations: HKDSE
 Preparation for Examinations: IELTS
 Preparation for Examinations: Cambridge English KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE
 English Ambassador Training
 Creative English Magazine Workshop
 Film Appreciation Workshop
 Cultural Workshop
 Programmes for Gifted Youth

and more...