English Phonetics

• To introduce students to 48 English phonetic symbols – International Phonetic Alphabets (IPA)
• To pronounce the phonetic symbols in the dictionary independently
• To differentiate similar sounding words
• To identify homonyms, homographs and homophones
• To pronounce and spell words with more confidence and accuracy
• To communicate using authentic British pronunciation, intonation and accent

Course Description:
Four to five of the English phonetic symbols – International Phonetic Alphabets (IPA) – are introduced in each unit. Each unit is constructed using the structure as listed below:

1. introduction to the target sounds, symbols and words
2. minimal pairs exercises and listening discrimination exercises
3. tongue twisters that contain target sounds
4. speaking practice and word stress practice
5. consolidation exercises where students write and transcribe phonetic symbols
6. song appreciation in every three lessons