We have carefully researched and created our own range of English learning books suitable for students from kindergarten to secondary school. They provide a comprehensive insight on their topics and are based on themes which would be relevant to the student level concerned. In order to facilitate this, we have incorporated the ‘communicative approach’ into the textbooks by using up-to-date and appropriate articles, idioms, and situations etc. Audio, visual and kinaesthetic tools are also used to enhance and encourage students to learn and develop their English, such as songs, videos and games. Supplementary to our textbooks, we also provide free online resources to which students can use anytime to help compliment their learning. Resources include audio recordings, worksheets and songs.

Within our repertoire, we have developed a series of books to assist young learners in developing all 4 English skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing), these include:

English Adventure eureka

English Adventure
The series aims to help students get started in learning English and communicate with native speakers of the language, using fun and interactive resources, such as songs, games and picture cards.

Cambridge English eureka

Cambridge English: The series offers age-appropriate activities, and child-friendly graphics, it introduces essential English used in everyday life and also serves as a preparation tool for the Cambridge Young Learners exams.

English Exploration eureka

English Exploration:
The series is specially designed to support and enhance the English learning of a student, introducing and extending a student’s vocabulary base, grammar and phases required in every-day life.

Our other textbooks focus on set skills and subjects which include the following:

Eureka Phonics Interview Star eureka English Phonetics eureka
• Eureka Phonics • Interview Star • English Phonetics
English Speaking eureka English Debate eureka English Drama eureka
• English Speaking • English Debate • English Drama


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