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Features of Eureka’s Cambridge Coursebooks

Eureka’s series of Cambridge coursebooks combines the Cambridge Young Learners syllabuses with Eureka’s communicative approach to teaching school programmes. With its age-appropriate activities, and child-friendly graphics, these programmes introduce essential English used in everyday life. It also serves as a preparation tool for the Cambridge Young Learners exams.

With the use of Eureka Family characters, our coursebooks go to great lengths to introduce natural scientists, social scientists, philosophers and artists from history. All the Eureka Family characters have special personality traits, hobbies and famous figures that inspire them
. For example, the character Albert, the youngest brother in the family, admires Albert Einstein and Issac Newton. His role models also include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the great 19th century fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. We do this to allow learners to expand their worldview while learning English.

All illustrations in the series adopt the hand-painted style, which creates a sense of liveliness and creativity. Furthermore, the choice of colours that influences taste stimulates young learners’ nervous system. These special colours, together with original cartoon illustrations, are tools that lead to attentive learning.

Eureka Family


Teaching and Learning
In all four sets of the three levels of Cambridge Young Learners, Eureka has adopted the following features

• Topic-based curriculum covering all essential areas of the Starters level; listening,
   speaking, reading, writing and grammar
• Visual-Audio-Kinaesthetic learning style with the use of PowerPoint, songs
   and recordings for listening activities
• Structured lesson plans for classroom delivery
• Exam-format exercises, denoted by a star *icon in the coursebooks
• Final mock tests to evaluate learning
• Unit-by-unit vocabulary list
• Richer contents to enrich students’ general knowledge of the world

From Set 2 onwards, there are tip boxes in the upper two levels: commonly used phrasal verbs in Movers and English idioms in Flyers.

Set 3 and Set 4 of all levels stand out in the series in that they have the following unique features, thus they are termed “English Exploration”.

1. Vocabulary and language structures beyond the syllabuses
2. More challenging tasks, including story-reading in Movers and writing
in Flyers
3. More advanced grammar exercises where students create sentences using key


Curriculum Design
There are four parallel volumes designed for the Cambridge English exam. Together they serve as a great English resource, to be used alongside regular school studies. These books corresponds to the Pre-A1 to A2 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). They are recommended for students from K3 to P6.

  CEFR Hong Kong Schooling Age
Starters Pre-A1 Kindergarten 3 - Primary 2 5-7
Movers A1 Primary 2 - Primary 4 7-9
Flyers A2 Primary 4 - Primary 6 9-11



Textbook Resources

To access the learning materials that accompany the textbooks, please click the links below.

cambridge starters eureka cambridge movers eureka cambridge flyers eureka
Starters (Set 1)
Edition 1 & 2
Movers (Set 1)
Edition 1 & 2
Flyers (Set 1)
Edition 1 & 2
cambridge starters eureka set 2 cambridge movers eureka cambridge flyers eureka set 2
Starters (Set 2) Movers (Set 2) Flyers (Set 2)


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