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eureka phonics

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Eureka Phonics covers short vowel sounds, and commonly used consonants in the initial positions of words. By the end of the programme, students will be able to recognise and produce the 18 target sounds independently.
Eureka Phonics provides elementary exposure to our choice of 44 phonemes and major consonant clusters in English Language. By developing learners’ blending and segmenting skills, students will build a foundation for further learning in English language.

• Multi-sensory approach: visual, auditory and kinesthetic
• Games and songs: interactive learning environment
• New lyrics, familiar tunes, enhanced memory techniques
• Original cartoon characters introduce target sounds
• Authentic British pronunciation



Textbook Resources 

To access the learning materials that accompany the textbook, please click the link below.

eureka phonics card

          Eureka Phonics Table


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