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Our English Speaking series aims to enhance student’s oral skills. To do so, we have carefully selected various relevant themes with a wide range of useful English vocabulary, sentence patterns and expressions along with pronunciation topics, which are consolidated with valuable listening input. The learning is cemented through a diverse range of activities such as role playing, group discussion and dialogue speaking.

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Level 5 - Speaking For Success
• To improve students’ speaking abilities on everyday topics
• To familarise students with the correct pronunciation, stress and intonation when speaking English
• To provide a wealth of in-class speaking practice
• To introduce new vocabulary, sentence patterns and usage in context
• To build students’ confidence in speaking English

Each unit begins with a video to warm up students to the topic. Relevant vocabulary and phrases are then introduced, followed by brief matching exercises and speaking practice. Each unit also introduces a pronunciation topic that is important to keep a conversation flowing in its natural form (just like a native speaker), which includes phonics, stress and intonation.

Finally, students have a chance to listen to an interesting short dialogue written by an experienced linguist. This is followed by comprehension questions, role plays and exercises that cover useful expressions, vocabulary and verb tenses to consolidate their learning.



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Level 7 - English Speaking

This course aims at building up students’ confidence in speaking English. Practice makes perfect, and the goal here is to introduce vocabulary and conversations that students will come across in daily life. Themes vary from ordering food to talking about good news and bad news. The course aims to teach correct expressions and phrases that can be used in small talk whilst introducing interesting aspects of the western culture.

Targeted expressions and phrases related to each topic will be introduced in the different units. Warm-up exercises are designed to boost confidence, and facilitate students to interact with each other. Students will practise their oral skills with a native-speaking English teacher as well as fellow classmates through role plays, songs and interesting activities.




Textbook Resources

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1. MP3 Audio Recordings  
Unit 1 - Introduction and Greeting Unit 6 - Using Public Transportation
Unit 2 - At the Supermarket Unit 7 - Calling People
Unit 3 - At the Restaurant Unit 8 - Good News Bad News
Unit 4 - Shopping Unit 9 - Weekend Plan
Unit 5 - Getting Around Town Unit 10 - Leisure Activities


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